RudelAnonymous Location Sharing for iOS and Android

Welcome to the pack

Share your location with a group of peers, anonymously and in real time. No login, email, or phone number required. Simply start sharing your location in adhoc groups.


See where your friends are at the festival and join them for an awesome concert.


Catch up with your friends on the pub crawl or find the most popular bar.

Treasure hunt

Get creative and use Rudel to setup a treasure hunt around town.

Flash mob

Start insanely fun flash mobs and coordinate everyone's location using Rudel.

A Rudel has an easily memorized name of three random words. Anyone who knows the name can view the Rudel members' locations and can join or leave at any time. Leave a Rudel to stop sharing your location.

If you are organizing an event such as a city run and would like a vanity Rudel name (e.g., san-francisco-run), send us an email.


Anonymous location sharing

Perfect for festivals

Create adhoc groups quickly

Simple: No signup or login