Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose a Rudel name?

We randomly generate the Rudel names to make them difficult to guess by strangers and easy to remember by peers you invite. If you are organizing a public event such as a city run and would like a vanity Rudel name (e.g. san-francisco-run), send us an email. ‚Äč

How do I invite others to join my Rudel?

That is up to you. Post the name of the Rudel on Twitter or Facebook, invite friends by sending them a Rudel link via WhatsApp, iMessage, or Allo. You can even yell Rudel names across the room in a crowded pub.

Please remember: Anyone who knows a Rudel's name can see everyone's location in the Rudel.

How anonymous is this?

Rudel is as anonymous as you'd like it to be. First and foremost, we as the Rudel service operator know nothing about you. You don't sign up or log in. That means that we don't know your email address, phone number, or any other personally identifiable information about who uses Rudel. We also don't have access to your address book and have no way of knowing how you have invited users to join a Rudel (did you stick a note to a lamp post, share it on Facebook, Twitter...?). No outside party can know the relation between the members of a Rudel: Are they friends, acquitances, or strangers? Only the members of a Rudel might have an idea.

You can use Rudel as anonymously as you would like. Choose a pseudonym or go by your first name. Invite friends via Facebook or post the name of a Rudel to Yik Yak. You decide how anonymous your Rudel is.

Can I ask a personal question?

Sure! You can ask us anything: